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    Have you considered Automatic Data Processing (ADP)? The company is an American provider of human resources located in regions throughout the world including Barcelona. The company provides human resources management software/services.

    ADP was one of four US companies that received an AAA credit rating from Moody’s and Standard & Poor (S&P). After the company spun off its dealer resources the two organizations downgraded the company to AA in 2014.The company has been operating for over half a century and was founded in 1949. Henry Taub founded the company Automatic Payrolls Inc. in 1949 with his brother Joe as a manual payroll processing business.

    Frank Lauenberg joined the company later in 1952. Lauenberg became the company’s CEO and Chairman in 1957. The company then changed its name to Automatic Data Processing (ADP) and started using mainframe computers, check printing machines, and punching card machines. ADP can also help your company with benefits administration. That includes issues including health care and others. ADP helps to lower the exposure to penalties that are compliance-related.

    ADP then went public in 1961. At that time it had 300 customers, over 100 employees, and revenue of about $400K per year. The company expanded in 1965 by launching a subsidiary in the UK. In 1974 it also bought an online computer services company named Time Sharing Limited (TSL). Lautenberg remained as CEO and Chairman until he was elected to the US Senate (D-NJ) in 1982.

    ADP continued to expand and the company’s revenues were over $1 billion per year from 1985 onwards. Not only that but the company processed paychecks for about one-fifth of the US workforce. Then during the 1990s, ADP started functioning as a professional employer organization (PEO). The company also acquired a German company named Autonom and a French payroll/human resources company named GSI.

    ADP Activities

    Since then ADP has made other deals. It acquired the dealer management system (DMS) provider Kerridge Computer Co. in 2006. The company provided services to UK auto dealers. Since then ADP has continued to expand. In 2016 the company reported revenues of $11.7 billion. This year the company has described itself as the biggest providers of human resources services in various world regions. That includes North America, Latin America, Europe, and the Pacific Rim. Since launching ADP has had several divisions and spin-offs that have been part of the company’s expansion. The ADP Brokerage Service Group has spun off a decade ago in 2007.

    ADP Services

    CDK Global was formerly known as ADP Dealer services. It was formed in 1972 and offers integrated tech services/solutions to more than 27,000 auto dealerships and auto manufacturers around the world. ADP purchased the auto marketing company named Cobalt in 2010. Then in 2006 ADP purchased BZ Results. The company won the 2006 Innovative Company of the Year award. At that time BZ Results had a value of $125 million. A few years ago in 2014 ADP announced that it was planning to spin off the company’s Dealer Services division into a stand-alone company. Then in August 2014, the company announced that the new company’s name would be CDK Global. 

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    ADP provides payroll solutions that are faster and easier. It focuses on providing total human capital management. It believes that a company’s payroll processing isn’t just about paying its workers. Instead, it focuses on the many aspects of a company that is affected by its payroll functions. Payroll processing data affects various parts of a company. ADP hopes to take human capital management to a higher level through better compliance and new business perspectives. There are many issues related to payroll including taxes, healthcare, and small businesses. The company can show businesses how to integrate its payroll system with other segments.

    ADP can provide expert advice about all sorts of tax compliance issues. It’ important for companies to have the right information and solutions related to tax matters. ADP’s tax/compliance solutions are built to reduce compliance risk related to worker-related tax and payment issues. It can also help with other issues including process inefficiencies. Meanwhile, ADP can also help to reduce a company’s expenses including taxes by finding all legal ways to streamline your tax expenditures.

    HR management is one of the most important components of any company. ADP takes a basic and strategic approach to HR management. The company has the know-how and experience to help maximize the HR potential of any company. HR software is one of the best tools for that mission. It will help your company to be proactive instead of reactive. The company takes a strategic approach to make your HR management more efficient. This is done by using the company’s workers, methods, and tech to help improve your global HR management.

    ADP integrates time and labor with payroll. It helps to make time and labor as efficient as it can be. The company focuses on making time/attendance as easy and precise as possible. It focuses on converting it from a basic requirement to a critical necessity. The company offers many time/labor management solutions that can benefit your company.

    ADP also offers insurance services. The company can provide a team of insurance services pros who are licensed. They can help your company to pick the right health insurance and workers’ comp insurance in order to meet your business needs.

    The company can also help with options that combine insurance options with ADP payroll products. That will help to create game-changing business admin/payment solutions.

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