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    ADP is a national association that is dedicated to protecting the rights and interests of design professionals. Our organization’s aims are to improve the legal representation of design professionals in court and the law. Our goal is to provide adequate legal protections for those people who have got professions which are related to the field of design. We hope that through our organization we are able to spread awareness for the various legal troubles and problems which can be potentially faced by designers around the country. We extend all of our services to any artists and designers that are working in a professional environment.

    Our organization was founded in the year of 1978. ADP has formed in Barcelona three decades ago. This organization was started due to a clear need to protect the interests of professionals working in the art and design fields. Various legal representation problems, copyright issues, and many other issues related to the law was faced by professional designers. And there was no other organization that would be able to provide those kinds of services as the aid to professional designers. There was a clear need for an organization that would specialize in providing those kinds of services to designers. And because of that clear need, ADP as an organization was born in Barcelona during the 1970’s.

    We as an organization, seek to provide defense in the interest of any professional working in the industry. Those designers could either be graphic, industrial, companies, and even design students will be able to make use of our services. We seek to integrate all of those different kinds of professional fields to further the interests of professional designers. Whatever kind of design field that you are working in, you are able to get help to protect your interests. And we are able to provide that kind of help to designers that seek our services. We have got an approach that seeks to bring a broader perspective to the design industry. We hope that our broad approach is able to disseminate information more easily and provide the design community with more enrichment.

    Our multi-disciplinary approach to protecting the interests of designers is one of the main characteristics that define us as an organization. The members of our organization work in a wide variety of different design specializations. And that would mean that our expertise concerning different fields of design also varies as well. If you need any kind of help from the organization, no matter what kind of design field that you work in, we would be able to provide the assistance for you. We can provide services that can assist you in product theory, visual communication and design management as well.

    Since the ADP is an organization that is made up of designers, our main goal is in the defense of the interests of those professional designers. We also have got another goal that seeks to provide more dignity and rigorous practices in those working in the design field. We basically want to improve the standards of practices and work for any designers that are working in design in Barcelona and around the country. And to achieve that goal, we also seek to disseminate information about what kinds of design practices would be able to equal to better quality professional work.

    We also provide advising services to any design company or individual designer that needs our help. We can provide advising assistance on the aspects of professional design. Our wide variety of specializations would mean that we can provide advice for any designer working in vastly different kinds of fields. We can also promote the meeting of different design partners and principles. So if you need to get into contact with a designer from another field, you can find a designer with a different specialization through our organization. Our members come from different kinds of design profession backgrounds, so you would be able to get assistance from us.

     We also seek to promote cultural values and professional characteristics in the field of design. We aim to encourage the use of professional design principles even in everyday life and business. We aim to provide any other business sector with more information on basic and professional design principles. Those other industry sectors would be able to use those design principles to improve their own professionalism.

    As a design organization, the ADP is one of the most prominent in Barcelona. We have got a wide membership, and you should also think about joining the ADP as well!