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    As an organization that is composed of many professionals as members, ADP also hosts and organizes many different kinds of activities and events. These activities and events are meant to promote the goals and agenda of the ADP. ADO hosts these kinds of activities in order to promote what we believe in. And you are free to attend the various kinds of events that we will hold in the future. Our activities are meant to be public events that are for sharing information about the design industry with anyone that wishes to know more about it. So you do not have to be working in the design industry yourself if you wish to check out these activities.

    Activities are meant to be a public function which is designed to foster more understanding with anyone that is participating it. One of the activities that we have will be to show various industries and businesses that designers, especially professional ones, are an important asset. This activity is meant to show various people in different industries that the work of designers is integral in whatever kind of field that they are in, whether that is industrial to the entertainment sector. Design work is an eminently important function in those kinds of industries. And through the activities that ADP holds, we seek to show others the importance of the services of professional designers.

    The activities that are held by ADP include both a professional and information setting. The professional and informal nature of some of our activities is meant to be for a larger group of attendees. These kinds of activities could include things such as meetings, conferences, and even debates. Through those kinds of activities, we hope to bring more professionals in contact with others from different industries. And the activities that we have are meant to foster communication and understanding with those from different design fields. We also have more informal activities at ADP. These informal activities are meant to be more festive. They can be dinners with other members of the organization. And we even have trips and tours that members can take. All of these activities are geared towards designers and anyone that is working in a related field.

    Roundtable, Debates, Conferences

    These are the regular activities that the organization will hold.  During these kinds of activities, professional speakers or a design specialist will be invited to attend. It is meant as a way to educate more people about a certain topic in design. There could also be discussions on other issues that are related to design. It is through this kind of activities that more information and specialization about design can be spread and developed. The speakers and consultants that are invited to these kinds of activities are all specialists and the best in their field as well.

    Any of the members of the ADP can attend all of the activities that are held by the organization. Members would only have to tune into the news from the ADP to get schedules of these activities and events.