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    The opening ceremony of the Mediterranean Design Awards was a success. It marked the climax of the opening of the exhibition of the design projects. These projects were selected from those presented in the second edition of this event. Divided into the categories of Product Design, Graphic Design, and Photography, the awards sought to demonstrate the ability of participants to interpret the changes that would happen and anticipate new scenarios of life in Mediterranean countries. Each designer was tasked to avoid stereotypes in showcasing their design work, and they were challenged to provide new and creative ideas for their projects. My Shade was one such design project that was awarded a win. This is a device designed to protect one of those working in the field, and specifically in the vineyards. Another visual design project called Design Mediterranean from an Italian designer was another awardee as well. The designer was praised for their photographic interpretation of the Popeye Village which is an artificial theme park of the same name located in the northwest of Malta.

    The Association of Professional Designers (ADP), in charge of the organization of the exhibition and parallel activities, such as attending the opening ceremony highlighted the work of Monty Pedro and Luis Paul, the designers who were chosen to look at a solution that unifies the diversity of exhibition projects presented. All visitors applauded his proposal.  The exhibition was also interactive, as it had five touch screens that can deepen the understanding of project participants.

    The opening and awards ceremony was chaired by Anna Calvert, President of the Association of Professional Designers (ADP) and Dana Pascal another organizer of the event. The presence of the winners, many of them selected from various Mediterranean countries such as Italy, Morocco, Israel, Malta, Turkey, and Croatia, among others. Many of the attendees came from various design and graphic art institutions, schools, and organizations from other countries. So there was a preeminent presence from everyone that was attending the design exhibition.

    The conference “Design in the development of the Mediterranean countries,” invited many people to come and speak at the event. It was stated by various speakers that the exhibition was meant for the participants. The participants can design and showcase their work no matter what the country that they came from. In the words of Dana Pascal, it does not matter what kind of country and culture the participants came from, they were meant to be applauded for their excellent design work. Like so many other disciplines, designers currently receive some strong competition from other countries. So this exhibition was a way to foster more relationship between designers from various other countries. A presenter at the event has stated that he hopes that the Mediterranean emerging markets will bring about a change in the demand for better industrial and business design in the area. One such example that was brought up was that of Turkey, a country which has recently acquired a greater awareness of design and now enjoys the benefits that it brings, in sectors such as industry.