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    The sixth version of the Viola Awards! has now been announced. These new awards are meant to showcase the best in design in the past year. The organizer of this event, Service Statio, has invited all interested parties to come and attend the event. The event is meant to showcase some of the best design work that has been done by professionals over the year. And there would be a lot to see for anyone that is interested in design work. It is through this even that Service Station wishes to showcase and highlight the best design work that has been done recently. There is an open invite to interested parties to attend.

    Organizers of the Viola Awards are also inviting other people to come and vote for the best designers and work as well. Interested parties, who want to vote, may do so through the internet. They would only have to visit the official website of the awards to see a list of the nominations. It is through this list of nominations that anyone can vote for a specific designer or piece of design work. People may also submit nominations to this website if they think that any others should be nominated for the award. All of the necessary information about the Viola awards can be found on their website. People may check the rules for participation and the entry form for votes and nominations.

    These awards are meant to promote any new emerging designer or design work that has been done. The main focus of these awards is to showcase any new design or original work that has improved everyday life in any way. The awards are also meant to showcase and promote any new talent that has emerged in professional design over the past year. The awards are to be a platform so that more people can pay close attention to the new talent in design.

    The awards for this event are organized and produced by Service Station. Tickets for the event are sold by them, and they will then share those profits for the awards event with the designers that have won any awards. So any designer that has won the award from Service Station stands to earn some prize money. Another prize that designers will receive from this event, is that they will become part of an exhibition that will be held at a service station. All of the awardees of this event will be part of an exhibition showcasing their work in Barcelona. This exhibition is meant to show-off the talent of these new designers to a wider group of people.

    The awards for this event will come in three categories. These categories are Student, Professional, and Creation. Each award is meant to showcase any new talent whether they are professionals or amateurs. A panel of juries composed of individuals from esteemed schools and design organizations will preside over the awards. Tickets for the event may be purchased from the organizer, Service Station. Nominations for the design awards will be closed in several days.