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    The Index Book has been launched for its 10th edition. This it the yearly Spanish design book that is published to showcase designers from around Spain. The book launch is going to be from the publisher, Select J Graphic Design. And it is meant to be a showcase of the many designer talents throughout Spain. This is the tenth straight year that the book has been released to the public. And there have been many iterations of the Index Book over the years. This 10th-anniversary edition of the Index Book promises a lot of new content for its readers. There is going to be new content for this kind of design work that is in the book. It will be a showcase of the various and important design works and exhibitions throughout last year, from January to December.  People were able to submit their own designs until late December last year. The publishers of the Index Book also collected various other exhibited design work last year as well. Anyone that submitted their own design work is entitled to a ten percent discount on the total price of the book. If a designer’s work was selected to be published in the index book, then they would automatically receive a copy of the book.

    The selection process for the Index Book designs was very rigorously. A selection committee composed of the editors and publishers of the Index Book oversaw the selection of the designs to be published and showcased. So there was strict vetting process in which a lot of submitted design work was inspected and appraised by the committee and editors. Ultimately, only work that was deemed to be the best was published within the book itself.

    The series was launched sometime in the early 2000’s. And year after year, the many different kinds of design work have been consolidated in the Index Book. The publishing world widely regards the Index Book as being the best showcase of the best designs of the year. The book is going to be the best design exhibit that will be published this coming year. So there are many people that cannot wait to get their hands on a copy.

    Each year designers from all over the country would submit their works to be published in the Index Book. A DVD of the designs of new media is also going to be released along with the hardcopy of the book as well. This would mean that any kind of design work, in whatever kind of medium, would get a chance to be showcased as part of the publication of this book. Professional designers could increase their fame and profiles, through showcasing their work on the Index Book. This is because many professionals in different industries all check the Index Book for the latest and best work.

    Copies of the Index Book can be purchased online. Interested parties, who want to purchase the book, can reserve a copy of it. It is encouraged that anyone in the design field, get a copy of the Index Book!