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  • Services

    ADP provides a wide variety of services that encompasses various areas of information. ADP also does offer advocacy work, counseling, and even professional information exchange as well. Our organization also works on an international and institutional level to foster better relations between various different institutions and organizations that are all advocating for the rights of design professionals. ADP offers its services to businesses and the general community of design professionals in the country.

    The services and activities that ADO offers are meant to expand and adapt to the industry needs. As the industry resources changes, so do the services that we offer at ADP. The services that you can get from us, are mainly provided by the organization itself. However, in some cases, we may refer you to external associations to get more specialized services from them. Whatever the case, we would be able to help you in any kind of design related issue.

    Promotion Services

    We work to promote our members. It is our intention to provide these promotion services so that companies and businesses may work with our design members. Through our promotion work, we would be able to partner the services of a specific professional designer with the company that needs those services. Whether that is done through exhibitions, publications, web databases, job fairs, and any other kind of channel, we would seek to promote the services of our organization members. So if there are any design professionals that want their services to be promoted, you should consider becoming a member of ADP.

    Legal and tax services

    ADP also seeks to help other design agencies with any kind of issues or situations in regards to the law and taxation. Our organization has various partner associations, such as a law firm and tax agency. We can redirect you to them if you ned any kind of help with taxation and legalities. The law firm and tax agencies that we can refer you to are specialized within the field of professional design, so they would be able to help you in a new unique way. Those legal issues that they may help you with are intellectual property, procurement and other kinds of issues that are related to the professional of designers. Our services for legal and tax advice include a first consultation with the firm or agency, this is free. Any other subsequent consultation will be subject to fees, at a discount.

    Information services

    Our organization’s other agenda is to publish and communicate specific information related to the field of professional design. We can communicate that information through our website and the other publications that we have. We provide these information services due to the fact that we want to inform the general and business sectors of any developments in the design industry. We also give out information on related events to design, such as exhibitions awards, courses, seminars and even conferences as well. Members of our organization will be kept up to date with whatever is going on in the field of professional design.