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  • Tips on How the Wireless Dog Fence for Small Dogs Works

    Tips on How the Wireless Dog Fence for Small Dogs Works

    It usually takes a few weeks to have your small dogs respect the boundaries of your new wireless dog fence for small dogs, but the time largely depends on individual dogs. Consistency and Persistence in training will pay off in future. It is important that you supervise your dog for the initial period after the installing your wireless dog fence.

    In addition, you can place flags to mark boundaries and have them shown to your dog, just so he can be aware of the area is permitted to be and where he is not. At first, it is advised that you keep him on a leash and set the correction level on the collar at a minimal level. Follow him on the leash, both of you should explore until he gets close to the boundary and receives a mild shock. This shock is humane and it is put in place for the correction and not for harming your dog, it could also serve as a means of getting the attention of your dog. It is similar to the shock you get from rubbing your feet on the carpet.

    When your dog does receive the correction, have him pulled away from the boundary and praise him. You can also go about it with offering treats at first just so to reinforce your training. Your dog may learn to respect those boundaries within one to three times or perhaps it might be long for him to understand. It is important that you invest time in supervising your dog with the leash on until the point you are certain that he respects the set boundaries of the fence. This training is similar to the training of small dogs to an indoor wireless dog fence for small dogs.

    A wireless dog fence is an excellent innovation in today’s modern society and it is worth giving thought to this product, it is affordable and it is very effective in term of training your dog. There is actually no perfect option to having your dogs contained and safe but the invention of products like the wireless dog fence is close enough.